Purchasing Manager

Andreas Løvlie is Slåttland’s Purchasing Manager.

At Slåttland, an environmentally responsible buyer must concentrate on implementing systems that raise awareness throughout the supply chain and make an effort to reduce climate change.

–  Our goal is that our supply chain works efficiently, and with Andreas on the team, Slåttland aims for a sustainable, resilient procurement service.

 It is more important than ever that companies’ purchasing operations have sound management systems that ensure reasonable access to components, services and materials.

 – There is an increasing focus on environmental awareness and sustainability, and a modern company must focus on these principles throughout the procurement process. In addition, we must use resources responsibly, for example, via recycling, and support biodiversity, says Andreas.

Andreas has nine years of experience in purchasing roles in Høiax AS and Nexans Norway AS.

He graduated in Economics at the Business School in Bodø 2006-2009

Andreas is 35 years old and comes from Lervik outside Fredrikstad. Today he lives in Ambjørnrød, just outside the centre of Fredrikstad. He is married and has two children, and his most significant leisure interests are ice hockey, formula 1, snooker and winter sports.

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