About Slåttland Group


A global supplier of first-class solutions, engineering, and design according to the customer’s wishes and requirements.

Strives for a unique customer journey from idea to prototype and production.

Specializes in competence-intensive mechanical solutions from development/consulting/design to fabrication, assembly, testing, documentation, and delivery.

Has all expertise under one roof and can deliver worldwide.

Slåttland Mek Industri AS

Org nr: 917 031 711

Rudskogenveien 30,
1894 Rakkestad

Slåttland Technology AS

Org nr 916 626 231

Andøyfaret 33,
4623 Kristiansand S

Slåttland Vietnam

Road 12, Dong Xuyen Industrial Park,

Rach Dua Ward,

Vung Tau City, VIETNAM

Together for the best solution

Renewable energy is set to be our most profitable sector within 2025

The Slåttland Group has been a highly trusted fabricator for the oil- and gas industry, for marine and industry markets for almost three decades. We have also fabricated and installed more than 100 SOx Scrubbers, among them the worlds largest.  

Since 1987 we have built vast knowledge in engineering and fabrication. We specialize in creating solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of various projects worldwide

Our extensive experience in the oil and gas industry has equipped us with the necessary skills to work alongside customers that are dedicated to developing solutions in Hydrogen, Ocean Wind, Aquaculture and Carbon Capture.

One Stop Shop; we have everything under the same roof, both administration, engineering, and manufacturing. We also provide cost-effective solutions for serial production at our department in Vietnam.


Sigurd A. Slåttland, owner and chairman


  • The people who work in the Slåttland group are the company’s most important resource.  

  • Slåttland Group shall be a company with high ethical standards. Openness and fairness should characterize the company’s business and be the basis of trust between colleagues, customers, suppliers, and others.   

  • Slåttland Group operations shall always follow the current national and international laws, regulations, and quality systems that pertain to us.  

  • By working with ethical issues in our company, we aim to clarify what is right and wrong in given situations. The actual actions and attitudes form the basis for the company´s reputation. 


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