Mechanical production is our heart and soul, we take pride in every little piece we fabricate, and everything leaving our workshop is something we are proud of. Clients always tells us how good our work is and how clean our workshop is.


We have more than 20 years of experience delivering projects to the Oil and Gas Industry. Our agile structure gives us the possibility to handle both smaller legofabrication projects based on client drawings, and also design and fabrication projects based on client process data.


The Marine market is well known to us, Slåttland have for many years been fabricating tank hatches for the Marine market. We also have fabrication of exhaust and Inert gas generators for a very large client.


Our production is maintained and in accordance to DNV and other Marine standards.

Lærling ved Slåttland - Mekanisk Verksted


We see fish farming as a growing market in Norway and the World. Because of this we have focused on creating good knowledge on fish farming projects from the start. Our project portfolio includes both fabrication of “production” equipment, and also systems for off shore farming prototypes.