Carbon Capture, watch the documentary «Norway and CO2 emission» 

The oil, gas, and many other industries are rising knowledge and competence for a new age in energy technology and carbon capture (CCS). 

The greenhouse gas CO2 arises, among other things, due to the combustion of fossil fuels. It is also a result of various industrial processes. The smoke emitted from industrial plants, coal- and gas power plants worldwide contains significant CO2.

Carbon Capture is the process of removing CO2 from these emission sources. The purpose of capturing carbon is to limit CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by capturing and storing it.

We are entirely dependent on the technology that can capture and store CO₂. In this documentary, «Norway and CO2 emission» from DW Documentary, you get an in-depth view of both the challenges and the great possibilities we face.

Watch the documentary; «Norway and CO emission»


Waste to Energy- CCS Pilot plant Klemetsrud in Oslo succeeded in capturing more than 95% of CO2». Slåttland is a partner in this pilot. 

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