Slåttland Vietnam

SMI Slåttland Vietnam Co., Ltd

Slåttland Vietnam was established in 2008. Our main office is located in Vung Tau, about 10 km south of Ho chi Minh City.
Slåttland Vietnam provides a broad range of services to client all over the world.
Our team consist of Design engineering’s, Project managers, Weld quality inspections, Document controllers and local construction partners.


The Slåttland group has capacity for production and engineering in Vietnam.
Together with our cooperating partners we are able to provide up to 80.000 man hours pr month from our T – side facilities.
We strongly believe in the unique opportunities that our Vietnam Branch give our customers, and will proceed to seek new challenges in the marked.


See our film from Slåttland Vietnam

Project Management

  • Quality Plan
  • Inspection and Test Plan
  • Engineering
  • Purchase
  • SMDL Documentation
  • FAT
  • Facilitate Customer Inspection


  • Calculation
  • Components
  • P &ID
  • GA Drawings
  • E&I
  • SMDL Documentation


  • Various types of steel
  • Structure
  • Piping
  • Pressure Vessel
  • NDT
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembly
  • Electro installation
  • Insulation