Slåttland Mek Industri AS

Slåttland Mek Industri AS

Mechanical fabrication

  • Coating
  • Surface treatment
  • Machining
  • Structure
  • Atmospheric tanks
  • Pressure vessel
  • Piping

Electrical system solutions

  • IECEx certified personnel
  • Experienced in electrical installations for hazardous areas (ATEX/IECEx)
  • Electrical installations for offshore, onshore, industry and energy sector according to customer drawings/documentation.
  • Electrical hook up for test/FAT


  • Pressure testing
  • NDT
  • FAT/SAT testing


Engineering / Documentation

  • Design
  • Calculation
  • Procurement
  • 3D CAD
  • GA and Fabrication drawings
  • E&I
  • Documenation Control Center
  • Life cycle documentation
  • Production documentation


  • Design
  • Calculation
  • Procurement
  • E&I
  • Production documentation

Ethical guildelines and values

Values: Slåttland Group shall at all times follow laws and regulations. Slåttland Group shall be a company with high ethical standards. Openess and fairness should characterize the company’s business and be the basis of trust between colleagues, customers, suppliers and others.


The people who work in the Slåttland Group are the company’s most important resource.


Ethical guidelines: By ethics we mean common values, norms and rules in the society and internal in the Slåttland Group.


Ethics is the systematic thinking about what is right and wrong, and act on what we find worth or value, both to live for and live by. By working with ethical issues in a business, we will clarify what is right and wrong in given situations. It is the actual actions and attitudes that form the basis for the company´s reputation.


Chairman – Sigurd Slåttland

Ethical guidelines 01

Slåttland Group shall be a safe workplace for all employees with focus on dialogues and openness between all levels. Conflicts should be addressed as early as possible to to avoid deep conflicts that are difficult to solve. You all have a responsibility, but the leaders have a special responsibility.

Ethical guidelines 02

All employees and others who come in contact with employees will be treated with respect regardless of position, religion, age, color, sex, language, political conviction, family status, sexual orientation, etc.

Ethical guidelines 03

No employees shall, in their work, let themselves be pressured to accept benefits or other tokens of appreciation that may be construed or used by others to allege favouritism, discrimination, collusion or similarly unacceptable practices.

Ethical guidelines 04

Employees or their family will not receive discounts or any other benefits with the purchase of goods or services from customers to Slåttland Group.
a. This does not apply to gifts that are normal in the business industry as Christmas gifts and advertising items. Other gifts received as a result of the position in the Slåttland Group will be delivered to the superior and used as a common good in the company. (Soldered to employees once a year).

Ethical guidelines 05

Neither the Slåttland Group, companies in the group or the employees can give business-relations benefits beyond gifts for Christmas etc, and advertising items which are common in business.

Ethical guidelines 06

Representation should be held in a sober frame that emphasizes Slåttland Group´s profile.

Ethical guidelines 07

Slåttland Group and its employees shall in any event comply with the laws and regulations that apply at the relevant area. Violation of the rules shall be immediately reported to a superior. If the violation applies to the managment, the violation shall be notified to the Board.

Ethical guidelines 08

Confidential information received in relation with the work in the business must be respected and never notified to others who are not entitled to information in accordance to perform their work. All information given must be correct and reliable.