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Slåttland supplies everything from extensive, highly demanding oil and gas projects to simple steel constructions rooted in our own manufacturing standard.

Being able to offer design and calculation under the same roof as production is a major advantage.

With short routes between departments decisions can be made quickly to ensure good quality and on time deliveries.

Cooperation is a cornerstone at Slåttland, our specialists in welding and electrical engineering works closely together with the projects, customers and third parties and that’s why we say “Together for the best solution.

We strive to be the preferred supplier in the future and to achieve that we are constantly working to further develop our support functions. As a part of this we have moved our weld system to Weld Eye and are working with a modern control center for all documentation.

  • Design
  • Calculation
  • Procurement
  • 3D CAD
  • GA and Fabrication drawings
  • E&I
  • Documenation Control Center
  • Life cycle documentation
  • Production documentation